Centrifuge Bucket Corrector

Centrifuge Bucket Corrector


1) Max capacity 0-2500 grams,

2) Resolution 1gram

3) Accuracy /-1gram

4) Weight LCD display.

a) Weight display of Pan A

b) Weight display of Pan B

c) Weight Diff display (A-B)

d) Flashing digit Pan A or Pan B for loaded with lighter weight

e) When Pan weight A equal to Pan weight B there will be Buzzer Alarm.

5) AC input voltage 90 to 270V @ 50hz

6) Auto Calibration.

7) 4 Keyboard will be provided for operation.


1) Display will be on LCD

a) Weight on A-000 Pan

b)Weight on B-000 Pan

c) Weight difference A-B=000

d)Lighter pan-A or B
e) The lighter pan A or B will blink, when A=B Blinking will stop.


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